Getting Started

How To Use Mail Merge Addon


This add-on is for users of Gmail and Google Spreadsheet.
(It is also available for those who use their company’s domain email address with Gmail.)


You can install it from Google Workspace Marketplace

How to send emails

  1. Prepare your mailing list in Google Sheets
    Create a list of email addresses and the items you would like to insert into the emails as shown in the example below. sheet sample
  2. Create your email template in Gmail
    Open Gmail, click [Compose] and create a template.
    Enter {{column name}} in the subject line or body and the values in that column will be inserted into the email. ex: Hello, {{name}}.
    template sample
  3. Once you have created the template, press the x in the upper right corner to close it
    Make sure you have the created template in your drafts folder.
  4. Reopen the spreadsheet you just created.
  5. Click [Extensions]->[Mail Merge from Threeups]->[Start] in the menu. menu sample
  6. Select the template you just created in the Template field
  7. Select sender’s email address
  8. Enter sender name
  9. Select the column name of the recipient’s email addresses send setting sample
  10. Click [Send Test Email]
    An email generated based on the information in the first line will be sent to the logged-in account.
  11. Check your gmail’s inbox to see if you received the test email and make sure the contents of the email is correct.
  12. Click [Send] to start sending emails.
    A column named [SEND_STATUS] is added to the rightmost column. The word [Sent] is inserted to the column when an email has been sent successfully. If you close the dialog box, the sending process finishes.